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Issue 22 Autumn 2018

Love Poem #23˝ by Templeton Moss
Pendulum Clock by Larry A. Kayser 
Dear Mr and Mrs T. Rex by Julie Anna Douglas
Quizmaster by Myles McLeod 
Pesky Fly by Leslie Leiberhardt Goodman 
Lanterns by Angi Lewis 
A Poem is for Life by Carl Ross 
Fledgling by Matt Goodfellow
Where is Burma? by John T. Mitchell 
My Pages
The Tree Witch by Jaz Stutley
Memo to T. Pot. From: Staff by Eva M. Schlesinger
My House is Alive by Georgina Lippiett
Eating Insects by Sarah Watkinson
Beware of Cats by James Aitchison
Mooncalf by Kate O’Neil
The Nothing by C. L. Clickard
Dark Fairies by Moe Phillips
Halfway Up and Halfway Down by Julie Hadfield
Our Grandpa by Nicolette Gunn
Meals on Wheels by Nikki Cookson

Featuring art by              
Hannah Carding, Kitty Cooper and Jay Schmetz
Cover by Ana Elisa Barros