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Issue 15 Winter 2016

Mary Had a Little Croc by Philippa Rae
The Man in the Hole by Chris Preece        
The Seven-hundred-and-eighty-third Ant by Sarah Barr                                                 
The Circus by Rebecca Langton 
Floods by Beverley Boorer          
Maximillian Blenkinsopp by Julie Anna Douglas 
Snail Trail by Carolyn Leiloglou   
The Great Escape by Julie Anna Douglas                               
Why Clothes Should Be Made of Porridge by John W. Sexton     
My Pages                                                           
In Hiding by Diana Smith              
Brave Dandelion by Carolyn Leiloglou                                        
Wind by Helen Laycock                   
Mombie Zombie by Tom Kelly   
Pine Marten by Dan MacIsaac   
Birds at Winter Nightfall by Thomas Hardy                                           
First Winter Rain by Matsuo Basho          
I Know by Susan Kelly-DeWitt   
The Life and Times of Freddy the Flea by T. P. Lee                            
Featuring art by

Cover by Janet Hill

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