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Issue 23 Winter 2018

Beatrice ‒ A Work of Art by [winner of The Caterpillar Story Prize]                                              
Abracadoodling by Harry Laing     
A Cat is NOT for Christmas by Stewart Ennis        
The Leap by Arno Bohlmeijer       
Can You Be Friends With a Potato? by Mark Hoadley
The Trap by Mary Green
They Say by Robert Schechter
Stone the Crows by Jackie Hosking
My Pages
The Case of the Missing Chocolate Spread by Jov Almero       
Bill the Bad by Jonathan Humble
Donkey’s End by E. K. Taylor
Zig by Daniel Galef
Night Vision by Stephen Whiteside
The Lonely Monster by Myles McLeod
Mum’s Menu by Sam Cummings
The Friendly Match by Marie O’Shea
Sensible Shoes by Ian Humphreys
Why? by Philippa Rae
Water by Melanie Branton
The Barn Owl by Jacqueline Shirtliff
Bertram Bean’s Christmas by James Aitchison
Wishtonwish by Anthony Watts                

Featuring art by              
Becca Fielding, Deidre Wicks, Leah Saulnier, Antonio Serrano Cervantes and Katrin Dreiling