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Issue 17 Summer 2017

Auntie Aggie by Janet Turner
We Mustn’t Be Late for the Concert by Theresa Heine                                  
Do Wasps Ever Cry? by John Morris           
The Blue Telescope by Ciara O’Connor
Nothing Like a Good Baaaaa! by John Rawson                     
My Friend Pam by Sally Roberts      
The Great Escape by Hugh O’Donnell
My Pages                                           
To be a Bear by Louise Greig
The Octopus’ Shopping List by Sally Roberts                       
Sound Familiar? by Dan Harvey       
Gingerbread by Nat Wassell  
A Pirate’s Progress by Carl Ross
What Am I? by Sarah Barr    
Haters by Daniel Klawitter     
Be Like a Tree by Sandi Leibowitz
New Boy by Heather F. Reid
Let Us Pray by Conrad Burdekin      
Disssappearance by Stephanie Malley
One Eye in the Middle by Kate Williams       
Waiter, There’s a Giant Invisible Dragon in My Soup by Daniel W. Galef    
Clean Up by R. L. Toalson        
Four Bunnies on the Way to Mars by Bowman Wilker          
Featuring art by
Louise De Masi, Natalya Grunskaya, Laura Frame, Milan Gudeljevic, Kimberly Wlassak and Ani Castillo

Cover by Luka Va