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Issue 21 Summer 2018 OUT OF STOCK

Caterpillar Poetry Prizewinner  
The Fox by Margaret Holbrook          
Squirrelling Days by Anne McDonnell           
The Great Fire of London by John Irving Clarke                                    
Hamster by Phil Huffy                          
Kiss a Frog by Diana Smith    
Stew Blues by Roo Parkin      
The Hot Air Balloon by Rod Jeffries
Octopus by Lauren McBride     
The Moon is a Buoy by Angi Lewis
The Seaís a Salt Blue Dish by Mary Green
Itís Hot Outside by Louise Pocock   
Fog Greets Sun by Moe Phillips           
My Pages                                
Itís Gorilla Time! by Heather Reid      
My Dental Dilemma by Jenny Lamothe         
Gote the Nits by Marie Carmichael     
Ryanís Pond by Jenny Dooley           
Dear Tallest Man in the World by Louise Greig          
Grandpaís Boat by Heather Innis        
Crying in the Cloakroom by Carole Bromley  
My Best Friend by Helen Kemp Zax   

Featuring art by              
Will Govan, Fred Calleri, Carl Larsson and Adam Emory Albright
Cover by Claire Fletcher

Issue 20 Spring 2018

Baby Brother by Myles McLeod         
Spring Snow by Ellen Fee        
Seashells by Katharine McDermott
Midas by Julie Anna Douglas 
Margate Sands by Jackie Martin
The Magicianís New Assistant byJohn W. Sexton                              
My Pages                                            
My Shoes Fall Off by Evelyn Day      
The Knee Incident by Laura Mucha    
Shoes & Socks by Todd Schiedel       
Tell Me My Story by Susan Macdonald          
The Spider and the Fly by Barry Flinter          
The Centipede by Daniel W. Galef     
Mermaids by Ana Vidosavljevic          
My Apologies by Eric Taylor  
The Paint Job by Alexander Wharton 
Spring Whether by Kristin Martin       
My Big Brunch by Leslie Leibhardt Goodman  
Table Manners by Jo Moyser   
Featuring art by              
Cover by Russell Dorey


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