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Issue 37 Summer 2022

Caterpillar Poetry Prizewinner
Shortcuts by Colin Matthews     
Fridge Notes by R. W. Kelly
A Good Clear-Up by Martin Parker           
A Really, Really, Really Short Story About a Really, Really,
Really Long Name by Ross Rosenfeld
Geography by John Leland
Attempting Poetry by Cindy Breedlove
Same But Different by Caroline Tuohey
My pages
We Both Speak Hot Chip by Ciara O’Connor
It’s All Me by Robert Schechter 
the bees by Laura Theis
The Golden Sands by Leigh Therriault     
Rumours by Sarah Ziman
Taking the Biscuit by Mark Cowan            
On the Mat by Rachel Piercey
Happiness by Jen Wallace
A Puff of Sky by Catherine Olver
The Nose by Gill McEvoy
Birthday Cake by Jacqueline Shirtliff
Featuring art by 
Cover by Fred Calleri

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