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Welcome to The Caterpillar  a quarterly print magazine for children featuring poetry, short stories and art ... 

Included in John Hegley's 'Top 10 poetry books' in the Guardian  

'The Caterpillar is the sort of magazine I would have devoured as a young person’
Liz Brownlee

'From beautiful and thought-provoking to quirky and fun, something for everyone!' Linda Middleton

'The Caterpillar is aptly named, as it magically transforms the written word into a thing of beauty’
Jo Withers

'I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE The CaterpillarCharles Ghigna

'The Caterpillar is such a unique and inspired magazine' Coral Rumble

‘There’s something a bit irresistible about The Moth and The Caterpillar. It’s as if, on discovering them, you suddenly realise that they had been missing from the world  and they shouldn’t have been!’ Richard J. Jones

'I absolutely love this magazine. It is the very best kids' magazine I have ever read.' Jane Hinrichs

'I am a huge fan of The Caterpillar.' Louise Greig

'Every child should own a CaterpillarIan Whybrow

'The Caterpillar features a variety of stories, poems and artwork. The artwork is the most beautiful I have ever seen. I’m not normally taken by poetry, but the poems always catch my attention. I’m very honored to have been included in this publication.' Rebecca Linam

If you want to find out a little about The Caterpillar before you consider purchasing a copy, click here.  











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